Friday, July 20, 2007

Cleveland Rocks!

To be fair, I'm not really sure if Cleveland does, indeed, rock. (I actually couldn't even spell it correctly). But I'll find out this weekend and be sure to let you all know! J & I are headed out to Ohio for four days to visit some friends. I've been to Columbus for the weekend, and was so mesmerized by the flatness and lack of ocean, that I can't wait to return!

To get myself excited about our trip out (mid-) West, I looked up some fun facts about Ohio:

  • "Hang On Sloopy" is the official state rock song. (The MA state song is "All Hail Massachusetts" Yawn).
  • Akron is the rubber capital of the world.
  • East 105th Street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland was the site of the first pedestrian button for the control of a traffic light. The boy chosen for the 1948 newsreel to demonstrate its operation was Louis Spronze.
  • Dresden is the home of the world's largest basket. It is located at Basket Village USA. (Basket Village! That must really be the happiest place on Earth!)
  • Ohio is known as the Buckeye State. (This I knew. And, I've had buckeye candy. Its almost like I'm an OH resident!)
  • Ohio gave America its first hot dog in 1900. Harry M. Stevens created the popular dining dog. (Now, this I like. We're even going to Dollar Dog Night at the Indians/Sox game. They're going to lose money on me -- I can eat a lot of hot dogs!)

I hope you all (all = my 5 faithful readers) enjoy your weekends/week beginnings and pray I don't get beat up on Tuesday night for wearing a Dice-K shirt to Jacobs Field. While you're at it, please pray for the Red Sox to actually win a stinking game in July. Seven games is a sad, sad lead.


Anonymous said...

You're safer in that shirt than a Steelers one. But I can't promise you won't be mocked.

Ima Wurdibitsch said...

Is that a new tag line? I love it.

Anonymous said...

The people I work with regularly go to that Dresden place. I never knew what for, before, but, thanks to you, Sox, I know they're going for baskets.